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A Teacher is Like a Forklift

One of the favorite stories at Young Yoga Masters came from Yogi Bhajan who said, “Be the forklift.” A forklift is a machine found at many warehouses and construction sites used to stack things. The forks go under the skid and then lift it up to stack it.

A Forklift is Used to Elevate

That is what a good teacher does, they go to where the student is at, and only then can they elevate them. But if the connection is not made, to meet the student where they are at, then a teacher cannot elevate anyone. This is especially true with kids yoga.

The Challenge of Teaching Kids – Solved by the Forklift

Some yoga is not understood by the children because the teacher did not meet the children where they are at.

On the other hand some kids yoga does a great job of meeting children where they are at, but they stay there playing games all the time, they never go the next step of lifting up.

It is a gift to be a teacher who uses their happiness, knowledge, and power to uplift others. There is no greater honour in life than to help others feel better, to help others feel happier, and to help others recognize the power within themselves. That is why a great teacher is like a forklift.

That is the goal of Young Yoga Masters, to be the forklift, by bringing not only fun yoga to children, but also elevating them with real yoga. We’re called Young Yoga Masters with the tag line of REAL YOGA – REAL FUN – TEACHER TRAINING because we share ways to have fun with kids but also to uplift them, with tools for self-mastery, like the forklift.

When you sign up for the Young Yoga Masters Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher Training School you’ll get tools, ideas and inspiration that help you be the forklift for the kids you teach.


About the Trainers:

This Video shows Aruna and Janet teaching at the Toronto Yoga Show and Conference and gives you a preview of some of the tools you can learn:


Aruna Kathy Humphrys, B.A., E-RYT 200, 500 HR IKYTA Yoga Teacher, RCYT (Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher)

Aruna Kathy Humphrys

Step into the world of the Young Yoga Masters creator Aruna Kathy Humphrys and your central nervous system will rejoice in a soothing Ahhhh as you immerse in a field of Yes! Energy. Teacher Training is filled with ideas that open hearts and minds to the world of kids yoga, because teaching children means boiling everything down to the simplest explanation which leads to proclamations of “Yes! I get it!” from all ages.

When the kids in her classes asked if they could keep her 3-D yoga props, Aruna answered with a resounding “Absolutely you can!” She invented the Yoga Literacy: Frog Yoga Alphabet and Inclusive Yoga: Yoga Man Teacher Trainings and E-books as an accessible, inexpensive solution.

Since their conception, her training and digital products remain well-received by teachers, moms and kids worldwide because their content (and re-usability) are consistently tested, torn, and enthusiastically chewed to the bone by Young Yoga Masters. She’s taught yoga to hundreds of kids in Canadian public schools and daycare centers.

Aruna is the author of Yoga Man vs. The Stressor: Yoga for Boys Teacher Training and Games Manual, and the award-winning Young Yoga Masters blog (the world’s first blog covering kids yoga exclusively). A certified yoga instructor since 1998, she has over 200 testimonials from happy adult clients for her Kids Yoga Teacher Training, a Registered Children’s Yoga School. Once upon a time Aruna lived in an Ashram for six years. Now she lives in Ontario, Canada, and enjoys singing, ukulele playing and technology.

 Janet Williams, Certified Primary/Junior Teacher (B.Ed), E-RYT200, RCYT (Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher)

Young Yoga Masters is thrilled to have the wisdom and expertise of Janet Williams of ChildrensYogaBooks.com as a c0-founder and co-director of the Young Yoga Masters Registered Children’s Yoga School.

Janet Williams

Janet is the award-winning author of the children’s picture book “What I See, I Can Be: A Guided Yoga Flow for Children”.   Concerned about the increasing amount of sedentary activities that both adult and children engage in, and the fact that the upcoming generation is expected to have a shorter life expectancy due to obesity related issues, she decided to take action.  She has taught thousands of parents, teachers, and children how to do safe, fun, and age appropriate yoga.

Janet’s mission is to promote healthy and active children so that they may lead long, healthy and happy lives.  Janet has been going into schools, daycares, parenting network groups and yoga studios, teaching children, parents and educators how to keep children healthy through kids yoga.  She has developed easy to use children’s yoga resources that are fun for the whole family. The products promote physical activity and provide a safe and fun Yoga workout.   All of the resources have been Printed in Canada on FSC Certified Environmentally Friendly Paper.  Janet is a proud supporter of the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

Teaching has always been a part of Janet’s life and it brings her joy to help others. In 1993 she received her Bachelor of Education from York University and is a certified Primary-Junior School Teacher.  Janet is a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor and has studied many styles of Yoga in Canada, Australia, England and Spain. She has been practicing Yoga since 1988 and has been teaching Yoga since 1996.

Marcia LeBlanc, B.A.A., E-RYT 200, 500 HR Yoga Teacher, RCYT (Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher)

Marcia LeBlanc is a kids yoga trainer with our registered childrens yoga school in Ontario CanadaIn 2006, a young traveling student discovered yoga in Australia and has practiced and explored a variety of yoga disciplines ever since. Marcia, a very curious, living to learn and active person found a favorite studio in Moksha Yoga Montreal. In 2011 the opportunity to fulfill one of her dreams presented itself and she completed a Moksha Yoga Teacher Training Certification. Fast forward to the following year, a very pregnant yoga instructor became a mom. As a lot of you can testify, a new parent becomes a student of life all over again and witnesses the world for the first time trough the eyes of their little one.

Marcia’s interest rekindled for sharing her practice, new insights and the discovery of kids yoga inspired her to complete a Children’s Yoga Teacher Certification with Young Yoga Masters.  Since graduation Marcia hased launch YOGI FROGZ and Super Hero Kids Yoga, and has taught hundreds of kids yoga classes at schools and studios.  Marcia completed a week long Mindfulness for Children training in England in 2017.


Claire Matthews,  500 HR RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) 200, 95 HR RCYT (Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher)

Claire Matthews doing yoga in the redwood forests.

Claire Matthews of Yoga Truly Studio

Claire teaches children’s and adults yoga at her studio, Yoga Truly, in Grimsby, Ontario. Claire is also a founder of the Ambassador Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training for Teens. She will happily guide you through a private or group setting yoga class. Yoga is both a forgiving and encouraging practice that results in strength, flexibility and clarity. Yoga is a perfect blend of empowering techniques and a gentle security blanket.

You can utilize Claire’s vast knowledge as a Certified Yoga Therapist, Certified Hot Stone Massage Therapist, Certified Reiki Healer Level 1 & 2, and Authorized Acuball Distributor.

 Karen Klubertanz-Hertzog, 200 HR RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) 200, 95 HR RCYT (Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher)

Karen Klubertanz-Hertzog Kids Yoga Teacher and Trainer

Karen Klubertanz-Hertzog Kids Yoga Teacher and Trainer

As a young adult Karen taught herself meditation to quiet an active mind. The meditation, which involved deep breathing, helped her to grow personally and academically. In 1999 she developed a consistent Ashtanga yoga practice to relieve workplace stress and became a 200 RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) with Yoga Alliance. An opportunity arose to teach yoga to children at a local school. The children were remarkable; inspiring her with what she learned from them, so much that she become a 95 RCYT (Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher). Karen appreciates working with children because together we create a world full of imagination, empowerment, joy and love.  Caregivers of any child may feel stressed at times, “Kids and Family” yoga offers peace and balance for everyone!

Karen teaches in Pennsylvania and assists in our Kids Yoga Teacher Training courses in the USA.   You can see her kids class schedule at Dancing Elephant Kids and Family Yoga.

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